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• The following statement concerning the procedures in the inspection of the subject vessel is for your information and benefit. Results will be transmitted only to the person or persons authorizing this survey. The INSPECTION will include A VISUAL EXAMINATION, PERCUSSION SOUNDING AND MOISTURE METERING (where appropriate) of the vessels structure, where accessible. There are limitations to this process. Accessible parts and equipment will also be inspected where possible. Recommendations will include what must be done to insure safety and whether the boat is sound for its intended service (intended service is the designer’s and/or manufacturer’s concept of capabilities and limitations for a specific vessel design). The results of this inspection will bear to determine the fair market value of the vessel.

• Gasoline and diesel engines should be surveyed by a qualified Engine Surveyor to determine the condition of the engines, gears and pumps, heat exchangers, coolers, etc. Further recommended sea trials be performed and evaluated, that the vessel be hauled out for dry dock inspection of the wetted surface area of the hull and underwater machinery.

• Sailboat inspections include visual inspection of deck hardware, standing and running rigging, spars, booms, poles from deck level or un-stepped, ashore.

• Wood, high density foam and similar core materials, usually encapsulated in fiberglass, are used in the construction of most fiberglass vessels. Water intrusion and resultant deterioration can and does occur, particularly in cored hulls, stringer/stiffener systems, transoms and decks and superstructure. Definitive assessment of osmosis, blisters, core deterioration and/or saturation may require destructive testing or disassembly of the vessel. No joiner work or fasteners will be removed nor will any destructive testing be performed. Fastener removal, corrosion assessment and destructive testing are procedures beyond the scope of this inspection, and must be requested by the client and authorized by the owner, in writing.

• Only accessible areas will be inspected, and it is understood and agreed that the surveyor assumes no responsibility for any defects not found in non-accessible areas and is not responsible for conditions subsequently arising. The report will be submitted in good faith, without prejudice and constitutes a description of the condition of the vessel at the time of inspection. The final report supersedes any other written or verbal communication regarding this vessel and inspection. The inspection and any verbal/written report pertaining thereto is for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes an express or implied warranty or guarantee of the vessel’s condition.

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